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Saturday, 11 April 2015

$15,000 Discount - Gigantic Shark Jaws from the Prehistoric Monster Megalodon Shark with Genuine Fossilized Shark Teeth

We are very excited to offer the "first" and "only" reconstructed Megalodon Jaw ever produced with "Deep Ocean Teeth". 

The fossil teeth in this Jaw came from the Carcharocles Megalodon Shark and I personally located and recovered each of the teeth in very deep ocean water off the East Coast of the United States during the months of June, July & August, 2011. 

The Jaw measures approximately 5-1/2 feet (168cm) tall and is 6-1/2 feet (198cm) wide. There are a total of 138 teeth in 3 rows and the total weight of the jaw is approximately 75 lbs. As you can see from the photos, this newly produced Megalodon Jaw would be a very impressive addition to any museum, aquarium or personal collection. 

As many of you know, the Carcharocles Megalodon was a prehistoric shark that lived during the Miocene and Pliocene periods (2 to 20 million years ago). It was the largest and most ferocious top predator that has ever existed. The Megalodon was thought to be as long as 75 feet and weighed up to 75 tons. This is equivalent to 7 or 8 full grown Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs. 

Out team of experts have been producing Megalodon Shark Jaws for the past 35 years. Even though all previous jaws were produced with "river teeth", this is the first jaw ever produced with "deep ocean teeth". 

During the planning stages and the early production process, we bring together approximately 1,000 Megalodon teeth in all shapes and sizes and begin the tedious process of determining which tooth should go in which position. Through our studies and work, the correct tooth position in the dentition of the Megalodon has been refined to an exact science and it is now possible for experts to accurately describe the position of any given tooth. 

As you can see, the end result is quite an impressive sight.... a jaw filled with 138 authentic fossil teeth revealing the terrifying yet infinitely intriguing "business end" of this brute.

  • A few of the places where you can see our Megalodon Jaws are.... <BR>The Museum of Natural History in New York <BR>The Camden Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey <BR>The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland <BR>The North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores <BR>Mystic Aquarium & Seaport in Connecticut.
  • Genus/Species: Carcharocles Megalodon.
  • Geological Time in Which the Animal Lived: Pliocene & Miocene (2 - 20 Million Years Ago).
  • Jaw Height: 5-1/2 Feet (168cm).
  • Jaw Width: Approximately 6-1/2 Feet (198cm).
  • Weight of Jaw: Approximately 75 Lbs.
  • Where The Fossil Teeth were Recovered: Deep Ocean Waters off the East Coast of the U.S in approximately 110' of water.
  • Geological Formation the Fossil Teeth Came From: Hawthorn Formation.
  • When The Fossil Teeth were Recovered: June-August, 2011.
  • The jaw is weather-resistant and can be displayed both indoors and out.
  • The Jaw is cast in one piece and can easily be handled by one person.
  • This Jaw contains a total of 138 teeth in 3 rows.... <BR>24 teeth per row (12 per side) in the upper jaw& <BR>22 teeth per row (11 per side) in the lower.
  • Jaw is fabricated in fiberglass resin to produce an authentic, lightweight, and sturdy cast.
  • Our Megalodon Jaws are the finest available and quality is always of paramount importance.
  • Accurate Dentition of Upper and Lower Teeth.
  • The teeth displayed in this jaw are 100% guaranteed authentic fossils. Other than our normal mild cleaning methods immediately following recovery, these teeth have not been restored, repaired, varnished, painted, glued or preserved in any manner.
  • The Shark's Teeth were Personally Recovered while Scuba Diving off Coast of North Carolina in 116' of Water.


1) When I win the Lottery... - This is awesome, and fair priced. I would totally buy it for my private collection if I didn't need to put my daughter through college. I'd set up a special poker room that you enter by walking through the Megalodon mouth. A reminder to all who play that there always is a bigger shark. Seriously, when I win the lottery I'm getting my own. I have one tooth, so only a few hundred more until i can build my own. Salute to your work and passion. AWESOME.

By nostaw on November 7, 2012

2) I'm getting 2 next time!!!!!!! - Great item! Better price! I bought it and put it on the grill off my destruction derby car. It made a fine hood ornament, and did some outstanding damage before it was totally destroyed. Although I didn't win, It sure helped me last longer than I ever have in a derby! Thanks giant shark jaw!

By Brendon on July 19, 2013

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