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Friday, 17 April 2015

Port. Air Conditioner, 60000Btuh, 208/230V

Portable Air Conditioner, Commercial/Industrial, Cooling Method Air-Cooled, BtuH Cooling 60, 000Voltage 208/230, Number of Cooling Speeds 2, Fan-Only Speeds 2, Control Type Programmable, Width 30 In., Depth 52 In., Height 64 In., 60 Hz, 1 Phase, 6600 Watts, 29.0 Amps, Max. Cold Duct Hose 40 ft., Max. Hot Duct Hose 100 ft., Sound Level dBA 69/67, Condenser CFM 2830/2650, Evaporator CFM 1940/1770, Ambient Operating Range 65 to 105 Degrees F, Condensate Tank Capacity 5.0 gal.


1) A Real Server Room Workhorse - At some point, anyone with a server room will experience overheating problems. Whether it's caused by building cooling failure, or by overtaxing the air handling system to your server room, heat will be the source of trouble at some point in your server room operations.

I should clarify what I mean by "server room". I am not referring to data centers, which are specifically designed to house hundreds or even thousands of high heat generating server racks, with raised floors, sub-floor cooling systems, large UPS rooms, and days worth of backup generator power. In this case "server room" refers to a dedicated room in a small or medium sized business, where anywhere from one to about five server racks house the data servers for the business's computer operations. (e.g. Law Offices, Insurance Companies, Security Firms, Software Developers, etc.)

For many small businesses, the idea of a server room is an unplanned necessity, resulting from the realization that the receptionist's computer is no longer a sufficient data server for the entire office. When server rooms are set up in existing office space, as most are, they are usually provided the same amount of cooling as the "people space." The problem is that servers produce much more heat than people in an office.

Enter the Movincool Office Pro 60 Portable Air Conditioner. This unit provides five cooling tons of air conditioning to these undercooled areas. While it's not as easy to set up as the manufacturer claims, it's still a very reasonable option. Movincool makes it sound like you just roll it in, plug it in, and you're ready to go. In reality, it's a little bit more involved than that. Specifically, you need to have a dedicated 50 amp, 230 volt circuit available for this unit. It does not plug into a normal outlet. Depending on the location of your power panel and your relationship with your local electrical contractor, installing the dedicated circuit and outlet can cost as little as a $150, to well over $1000.

Another issue to take into consideration is that this unit, like all refrigeration units, produces condense water that needs to be drained. The Movincool handles this very well. It has a built-in condensate pump that will pump the condense water out of the unit, through the included 25' drain hose. This allows you to drain the water into a drain above the level of the A/C unit itself, such as a kitchen or bathroom sink, or even outside, through a wall.

After power and water drain issues have been addressed, the next important consideration is venting the unit. Air conditioners pump heat from one source to another, in this case air to air. While you have ice cold air blasting out of the front of the unit, you also have hot air billowing up from the top of the unit. An air duct mounts to the top to carry this hot air out and away, usually into the building air return system above your ceiling tiles. (There is even a ceiling tile adapter for the air duct.) The air that blows out of the top of the unit is pulled in from the side, thereby drawing out conditioned room air and replacing it with air from the surrounding office area. If this isn't a problem in your case, don't worry about it. If you have a sealed room that can't readily replace air being pulled out of it, Movincool makes an adapter that allows you to hook up another air duct from the building supply air (cooling register) to the air intake on the side of the unit. Problem solved.

Lastly, remember to take size into consideration. It's hard to get a perspective of the size of this unit from pictures. It's not like those little home units that are only a little bit bigger than a paper shredder. This unit is 30" wide, by 52" long, by 64" high, more like an entertainment center than an air conditioner. If you need to use the air intake adapter on the side, add about another 24" to the width, just to be safe.

While these four considerations definitely need some planning, it's still a very feasible installation, even on short notice; not to mention much cheaper than a permanent installation. Best of all, if you are in leased office space, you can take your investment with you when you decide to move to a new location. Overall, this unit is a great investment.

By Peter P. on July 28, 2009

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Port. Air Conditioner, 60000Btuh, 208/230V

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